Vault of Glass Atheon in one portal phase

Nerf fall damage, too OP. I would abuse this while you can guys. Not my video or thread, just thought I would share. Original thread located here.

Wow, I kid you not, my VOG squad and I have come close to having him fall off the map, but, thanks to diesel leg muscles, he never fell!..wish I knew we could have completed the Raid sooner if we had our Warlock give him a little push or two. Lol

Thanks for the share!

Anyone want to try this when server maintenence is done? I have a maxed out voidwalker, lv29

anyone wanna try this on xbox 360 im a lvl 27 titan message my GT- TragicMuffin V1

Add me if you guys want to try this on Xbone. I’m getting off work at 10pm and have ALL night to play.

Gamer tag: Ghostayonme

I started my first play through of the raid a couple days ago and my checkpoint is on atheon if anyone wants to do this with me? PM me lol I was playing with a fireteam full of randies that couldn’t kill him. It’s only on normal though.

Does your checkpoint carry over even thou raid is reset? Lol

How did you do this with randoms?!???

Really lol?
They probably sent him a message at the tower and he joined them…

This does work I did it twice on hard mode already you need warlocks to do it.

Found some ppl from reddit lol

I found out the hardway it doesn’t lmao and I now have a checkpoint at the part where you have to kill the Templar :anguished:

@oBanks, I thought you were matched with random how they do the strikes.

Lets do this somebody. #Xbone

Gamer tag: Ghostayonme

Nice find! Wish i could attempt this even once on 360! I have yet to do this mission plus i’m only a lvl 25.

Nice bro

This doesn’t work. He just keeps coming forward and never steps back


This is from last night I did it but the loot was meh lol

link above is to a video I recorded on xbox one

So it is still working takes a bit of practice to get it in the right spot though.

We did it. Jay and I pushed Atheon off a cliff tonight. It felt good. I no longer need to bring windex peace offerings to the vault.

Anyone on 360 wanna do this? I’m at Atheon but can’t seem to get him downed. Then again I am the only one trying

Def works, the only easy way to beat him and yes its takes only a few seconds as long as he starts to move before you die. and i’m loving my hard raid helmet for warlock sh*t is sick.