Vault of Glass first timer

Hey guys. I’m a level 26 Titan maxed in the striker class and over 3/4 defender and I’ve been curious about the vault of glass for a while now. I assume it’s possible to do the raid at my level on normal and just wondering if anyone would like to do it with me? Xbox one by the way. Gamertag is Lannon369.

Ahh bro you might wanna lvl up to atleast 27 at lvl 26 it can be done but its incredibly hard and youll just be a anchor to you’re team.

It’ll be extremely hard unless you have a team full of experienced players.

Noted, I mean I have 3 legendary pieces of armour at the moment, 2 FWC ones and they aren’t levelled up just yet, so hopefully that’ll be enough to get me to 27.