Vault Of Glass Is A Joke

Ok so after hours apon hours of trying to beat the vault me and my friends finally did it.
All i got was a legendary Scout Rifle (Weaker then my other one) And some ugly ass legendary ship.
The timer stayed at 0 and then nothing. No rewards for beating it… nothing.
We went through a portal to see if it continued and then we all just died.
And when we tried to respawn it just gave us a black screen… I’m sorry but as much time as we put into that damn raid it should have at least given us better stuff. I’m hoping that when i come back on tommrrow its going to have the missing items in my mailbox. -sigh-
Im never doing that again until im like level 30+
Anyone else get screwed over like my team did?

That’s my biggest fear.

It’s a level 26 Raid lol I was glad when I received the shader instead of the the weapons, but the weapons that it gives you has void damage and that is very useful in a strike.

The only thing wrong with the game is the loot system in PvP…

I completed the whole raid, got all the loot chests and I got acendant shards, the shader and a legendary auto rifle, the gun is pretty good, plus it’s does void damage and I can upgrade it to also do damage to oracles, I was happy with the loot I got. I do think that every player was supposed to receive more loot once they finished the raid though, because everybody got that glitch where they had to orbit out no one gets anything. If you have finished the weekly heroic or nightfall strike and you select them again, hover over the difficulty and it will not show the rewards (because you already completed it) but if you select the raid and hover over the difficulty it will still show the rewards so I’m guessing Bungie messed up and we never got the end items.

Three of four players including myself received a shader and shards the other two got a gun and a ship…I was hovering over the vault of glass again while in orbit and it still says rewards raid set gear…what should I do.

xD wait for bungie to announce something, there has been lots of posts on reddit and about the glitch and missing rewards so hopefully bungie will say something about it.

Did you guys still get those gnarly blue flames on your head for completing it?

You get those for completing the Nightfall Strike. The blue flames signifies a 20% xp boost for everything. It lasts until the weekly Nightfall reset.

I still have to complete the Vault of Glass, but my buddy on PS4 said he got a lot of legendary gear and items. (ex: Shards)

**** I havent done it yet im lvl 27 ened someone to try it but now I think im going to just wait for them to fix it :stuck_out_tongue: if anyone wants to play on xbox one im HOX x Typh00n im a defender titan.

I think the raid was the most rewarding activity in this game. I got a legendary cloak for my hunter, ascendant shards, ascendant energy, a legendary scout rifle and sniper, as well as the white shader. Pretty damn good if you ask me, ascendant materials are crucial to upgrading your guns and armor, especially for exotics because they require more than legendaries so idk why you’d be mad about getting them. The raid helped me fully upgrade my exotic chest piece.