Vault of Glass! Last Boss! Need 2!

Looking for level 27+ to help us complete this thing…

GT: Eligance

I sdont know about lvl 27s but im 25 can i join lmao? im a defender titan? I was doing pretty good in the beginning? HOX x Typh00n

Were getting it done…I would invite you but youre a level 25 so sorry man.

What’s your mix of levels / classes?
What part are you on?

Do you have a party? I need a team badly

I had a group that didn’t communicate well, and they were decent enough to get to the final boss, just not to finish him.
The “main” one kept on assuming he knew what he was doing and would die a lot, so yeah, that wasn’t fun.

So, my progress is at the final boss, and I have no intention of starting at a point before that.

We just completed it…I got a shader and some shards and so did three other players…the rest got a primary AR that does void damage and a ship.

Should’ve searched for loot chests. You’re guaranteed a legendary item (engram, armor, etc.) or an exotic item from what I’ve heard

If you’re at the boss I can help? I have pretty good gear and I will communicate.

Message me on xbox o IHorney89 o. I’m off all this weekend so I’m free.

Im at the final boss as well im level 27 titan

How do you get past the teleport but when there is 2 of them and the white ring comes up? The gate opens then you go through then what??