Vault of Glass Xbox 360 Final Boss

Need 3 more people levels 26+ for this. we’re on the final boss

Message one of these GTs

GT: SJN Aden


If you still are trying to get this done let me know…

Same. PM or post on my visitor messages. I just hit 27 and tried the raid the other night/watched some streams so I’m somewhat experienced

aden34 added me to complete the Raid, but we haven’t legitimately started it because we don’t have six players…would be awesome if we all get together and complete it. (should also join the same clan so we can get that achievement and not have to worry about getting it in the future)

Count with me, i want that Raid rewards, my GT: EvilDark007

If still looking send me pm in xbox live, i play in 360, warlock +26