VB - Making new AIO (All in One Modding Tool) Need HELP

Hey Guys!
Im kind of a beginner at coding but I know how to code simple things
The project Im working on is more advanced. If possible, could anyone help me make Save Editors and tell me how to code it. That would be really Appreciated. Anyone who helps will BE Placed in the coder’s section of the mod tool.

  • Thanks to whoever helps :smile:
    Skype me: DynamicGamer

I tried doing this right after I started coding…good luck :wink:

You are experienced with coding?

There are tons, and I mean TONS of user made mod tools that are open source. I suggest reading them. Use google to find them.

This is an extremely common project that people do. AOE mod tools are cancerous tbh so many people do them.

Don’t do it. You’re wasting your time for many reasons.

With that in mind, if you are a beginner with .NET, I suggest you start watching videos and learning at BuckysRoom. I also suggest that you forget about VB and learn C# for several reasons, but mostly just because it makes learning other languages wildly easier. But, VB is a perfectly fine language.

Oh, here we go. Another aspiring haxor.

We all have had our ‘embarrassing days’. This guy is probably going to have them too.