[VB.NET]♠ Xbox LIVE Code Checker ♠[Source]

Xbox LIVE Code Checker - Source
Made by: Kink

Direct Download, Click here!

Enjoy. :smile:

Please rename thread to ‘Xbox Live Code Phisher’

Edit: My bad I thought it was one of those little kiddies programs which logs the codes and sends them back :smile:

lolwut? It’s the ****ing source…why would I release a application that logs into xbox.com on a xbox 360 forum with all the paranoid people that think it’s a phisher. :laughing:

wont if this works then if we make a random code generate and use it in there then we can get free codes :stuck_out_tongue:

well kink i dont think this is a good thing because people are just going to flame

For anyone that thinks this is a phisher you obviously don’t know who kink is he is a great programmer and wouldn’t ever make a phisher to steal accounts.


cause you use t3h shells nuff said.

NEW DOWNLOAD LINK?? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee):

Man I can i get a new download link please?):

Really? Why would you post on an inactive 3 Year old Thread? WHY?!
Don’t do it again. Read the rules.

Please don’t bump threads. It causes clutter especially when it is this old. PM the member if you need a new download link. I haven’t seen Kink active in a real long time so don’t expect a reply.