Version Guard Frozen on "Enabling" -Solved

I attempted to enable Version Guard for Divinity: Original Sin 2. Status/progress bar has been sitting at Enabling for 40 minutes. Running Alienware Aurora R6, NVidia GTX 1060 6gb, 16 gb DDR4 RAM on Windows 10 (1803). All drivers updated through Alienware and Windows as of 9-5-2018 (last night). Any help would be really great.

It worked itself out, kind of. I killed WeMod.exe in task manager and restarted the program. The game shows as being Version Guard enabled. I am not sure where to look for the “compressed” copy to see if it really is but I am going to believe it.

It has to be enabled before the game has an update. Then the update wont break the old version of the trainer

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@ptondo Yes :slight_smile: Thanks for responding. I understood that and that ended up being what it did. It just froze for a hour saying it was enabling. It’s all good now.

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