[Vid] How Mod Guitar Hero 3 Bot | ISO Mods

This is the same video I used to mod my Guitar Hero 3. This can be used online. All the files you need are in the video’s description.

I take no credit for this video.

Nice find!

Off topic: I like your sig!

Thanks lol

do you have one with how o add songs?

Thats for GH2 only.

I’ve posted this before in a collection, but nice
Job! Credit to iTzLuPo

Doesint work

This didnt work i have tried like 6 times :anguished:

pretty kool… if my guitar worked id try.

You don’t even need the guitar to do this.
But please close, for this thread is extinct.
This does work. I can confirm.

It may just be me, well my computer rather, but when i click the link it takes me to an error page with nothing more than an optional reload button.

The thread is old and the link provided may no longer function. Check the date of the threads and posts before posting.