Video: New Xbox One October Update, Now Live

[/img]The Xbox One October Update is now rolling out to all owners, Microsoft announced today.

With the update, users will see some major improvements to Snap functionality, especially for those without the Kinect Sensor. DNLA and MKV support have been added to add to the console’s streaming options while TV viewing is also enhanced with new MiniGuide features.

There’s a lot more, but you can get the all the details by watching the overview video above or checking out the full update notes below:


I have been waiting for the gamerscore leaderboards for a while, knew it would come. They will probably make a worldwide leaderboards soon and implement the same system that trueachievements have (without the true gamerscore).

First to get 1000/1000 on that game, fastest time, etc.

FINALLy that MKV support, been waiting for a while. Now I can stream all shows from my computer that I want without having to sacrifice quality

Shame I don’t own enough Xbox One games to be able to rank myself highly on the gamerscore leaderboards, but it’s a nice addition to the home screen nonetheless. The new snap feature is very useful and makes navigating through applications a lot more convenient.