Video: Rainbow Six: Siege alpha leak shows off Plane map

[/img]Rainbow Six: Siege is currently in closed testing, but some gameplay footage has leaked to delight the rest of us.

The Rainbow Six: Siege video below shows off the Plane map. It is an alpha build, so far from representative of final quality.

The footage leaked over the weekend and Ubisoft slammed takedowns in place with admirable speed – but not before AllGamesBeta posted a DailyMotion mirror.

This one will likely be deleted within a day, too, so feast your eyes now.

Rainbow Six: Siege gameplay was also shown at E3 2014. The tactical team shooter is expected on PC, PS4 and Xbox One this year.


Here is the video:

I have never played a “Rainbow Six” game, are previous games in the series anything like this one?

Similar in a way, but the think the original’s were awesome. The game mainly consisted of people leaning up against walls and leaning over to shoot.

I have never liked any Tom Clancy games.

I’m really excited, Tom Clancy games are awesome. Ubisoft normally takes there sweet old time to release the games, but normally coming out bug free. Not including the recent AC games, those are bug filled as ****.

R6V was the most fun I’ve had playing on my 360. And this looks like a cross with Counter-Strike and the destruction from Battlefield. Which is pretty neat. I’m stoked to see some gameplay soon

Most TC games were awesome mainly the rainbow six series IMO. Those games were the best back before so i’m really excited to see this one & how it turns out.

can’t wait :8