Video: Xbox chief: Minecraft will continue on PlayStation, mobile

[/img]When word spread last week that Microsoft was considering a purchase of Mojang and its gaming titan Minecraft, fans were concerned about the game’s future. Would Minecraft become an Xbox exclusive? Would it be locked to Windows Phones going forward? In a video discussing the acquisition, Xbox chief Phil Spencer said that Microsoft would continue to help develop Minecraft on all the platforms that made it a $2.5 billion brand in the first place.


Forget the PS4 I say let it be a Xbox exclusive. I feel like Playstation now these days because there are so many PS4 exclusives (if some smart ass is going to make me list them, **** off). Bungie is already sucking PS4 with exclusive content only so why should we care if it’s a Xbox One exclusive.

P.S. Sorry for the vulgar language things like this just get me fired up.

I get fired up often and vulgar language may follow so I feel you man.

Here’s hoping they make the xbox version get updates first hahaha. And put playstation versions a month behind haha

Here’s hoping MS tell them to get their **** together and pump out updates quicker.

I say, no DLC or title updates for PS to piss them off aha.

I think minecraft should have stayed an Xbox exclusive instead of it going to the PS4

if they did that then microsoft would lose a lot of money. the reason minecraft has been so successful is because it has been moved over to all platforms

Speaking of exclusivity, is that Halo texture pack on the PS4 as well?