Viking 360 Promo Code

If any of you guys were planning on buying a controller from Viking 360 here’s a promo code “PRESIDENT” for 15% off yoos purchase it expires 22nd though ):



Thanks! How much is their cheapest?

thanks for this how much normally are the Viking controller’s ?


-Thankyou Bro :smile:

I’ve never even heard of them

there really good (:

Viking 360

Cool, I’ve been wanting to buy one but I still can’t afford it xD
Viking Website
Their cheapest controller (with coupon) is still around $170 and with tax(where I live) it’s $181. Can’t afford :anguished:

Dang by far best modded controllers on the market they can record macros too.

Nice post. I was thinking about getting one of these ages ago, still unsure but at £104.117937 (with the coupon taken off) you can’t go wrong. My friend uses these for pre-fires and no scoping on Black Ops lol.

i have liek 3 promodz ones

15% price drop in the month of April, lowest macro controller is now $169. Don’t forget this is NOT an ordinary macro controller. It has CUSTOMIZABLE LED’s - you can pick from 16 colors any time you want.

Record and playback macros - and then upload them to your computer to edit them!

Share macros on-line with our other customers. (FYI rapidfire is just a macro. Jitter is just a macro).

We have a new macro called TurboKnife - you can recover from a knife 4x faster with this macro, nobody else has it!

end shameless viking plug :laughing:

(If the admins could contact my I’d love to PAY for a slot on their site to advertise, I’ve tried contacting sevensins, thetechgame and xboxmb admins but they make sure not to answer PM’s and not to list any e-mail contact address for advertising opportuniities)

They are the best out there. Just sooo damn pricey. Could go buy another 360. Or some hookers.:stuck_out_tongue:

200$ ahah what a waste

No need to dig this up guys…