Virus found on new update 5/20/18

Tried installing new update, and got a virus warning, scanned it on, and found a virus. Really pissed

Well dont be to pissed. We all use it. Did you download it from here ?
Alot of ativiruses say that it is and it aint so dont worry if you got the link from here.

I checked the FILE, not the link, and ran it through virus total. Virus total takes antivirus scanners all over the world and runs files and URLs through it to detect any ransomware. And 1/65 found the virus.

I’m going to go ahead and let you know virustotal is the most unreliable site I have ever used. We tested Infinity a few months back once a day for 10 days without changing anything and got a different result every day.

We do not distribute ransomware. The founders have been in the modding business since 2008 and wouldn’t dare do something as stupid as include ransomware. Any result are a false positive and we will be working with the AV companies in the coming weeks to get them all resolved.

thank you

I like your profile pic

So I just ran it trough virustotal aswell. Got the same 1/65
Checked who said it was unsafe. Cylance.
never heard of it so I googled it.
Cylance develops antivirus programs and other kinds of computer software that prevent, rather than reactively detect, viruses and malware.

Even Avast and Bitdefender say that it’s safe and those two are the worst.
Not sure why you got scared but yeah Chris assured you it’s a false positive and a lot of others will do the same.

Yep it is a virus. I pity the rest of the 64 antivirus users who got their computers riddled with malware.

These threads crack me up, do people really have no common sense left anymore. The OP is a pro, has been using infinity with no issues, one AV gives a detection and he doesn’t know anymore if he’s infected? Paranoia at its extreme.

The funny thing is i have a friend who works at Cylance. Going to show him this.