Viva Pinata Game Saves

Out of random curiosity, is there any way to edit or modify viva pinata game saves? Or even download any? Because I just went back to check it out again and my save was corrupted. Let me know!

Not with Horizon, but probably with Hex Editor.


Viva Pinata TiP.rar

Credits to iLegend - Se7ensins.

Oh yeah, I don’t know whether or not these are modded.

If you want to see if someone can mod it then post the save with the values of things you think could be modded.

Edit: TooMuchSweat you ninja…

TooMuchSweat ill check those out, thanks. And this is why XBOX MB is the best, instant response with great answers.

hay is there anyone that cld edit my save for me so i have lots of coins message me an ill send u my savegames… :smile: