Votes being deleted?

Hello. I have been using Infinity since the very beginning, but I have never noticed this problem before. During the update from Infinity to WeMod, it seems that all the votes for The Witcher have been erased. I also suspect that the same is true of other games as well. I remember seeing that the votes bar for The Witcher being full after days of putting every vote I could get into it. I am disappointed that after I put all my votes into it now everything is reset. I would appreciate it if someone would look into this and see if this is affecting other games as well.

Are you talking about this one?

or this one?

I suppose I must have been seeing the Origin version. When I posted this, the site still had the pre-update look on some parts. I don’t think the old version really specified what version it was for, or perhaps I missed it. Thanks for pointing that out to me!