Waka Flocka Running For President

Wait what?

Waka Flocka Flame for President, Day Two: This Is Not a Joke

10/10 “would vote” -IGN

No thanks

Introducing President Waka Flocka…I can’t even…

10/10 this country is going dark.

You have to be 35 years old to run; He is 28. Good luck with that.

i dont give a damn if ya’ll are goin to war, ****** you ***es
das sh
t da president do.

He can’t be serious…

I have a feeling this is just a PR thing. And look, it’s working.

$15 an hour haha please let’s see how that goes for the already damaged economy.

I honestly think it would be hilarious to see him be the president. How much more can anybody **** this country up. You can’t so let him try.

I don’t know why people even read **** like this. It literally means nothing. Stephen Colbert ran for president last time as well and he is realistically just a comedian. Nearly anyone can “run” for president. As long as you spend $5000 for your cause the FEC can recognize you as a candidate. Then you have to actually get on ballots etc.

Also, not to attack you but I love when people say stuff like this as if America is some **** hole where everyone is struggling to survive with our rampant food shortages and people are dying in the streets. If you think America is so bad, I suggest you leave. Go to a few third-world countries and let me know which one is your favorite to live in over America.

It’s not that. However, our foreign policy, taking away from vets and giving to the rich, bombing poor countries and bringing them freedoms. Is why this country is ****ed up. Would I rather live in Mexico? No, I would not but there are a lot of things that need to be changed and fixed before we go around and police the world.