Wanna play games together?

i have uplay 'n origins 'n steam though i dont use origins xD but what ever i have watch_dogs i dont know can you play like multiplayer in it? i have argo, unturned ETS2 (euro truck simulator 2), overwatch, world of warcraft, LoL, dirty bomb, Crossout, fortnite, paragon, world of warships, armored warfare, world of tanks, smite, dota 2 and some other small games i dont really play but yeah i allways want some to play with

:laughing: I thought you say’d origin’s not orion :laughing: my steam name is villadsP551 and on battle.net its soldier311 and its the same on uplay

Hi everyone I’m new to the community, but I got steam uplay and origin if you guys wonna add me just ask

Hi friend I’m also newbie here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I love playing Dying Light. So if anyone want to play or needs weapons im here.

Hai,Those are the games that i currently play: Blockade 3D, Blockade Classic, Counter Strike Source, Left 4 dead 2, PAYDAY 2, Metro 2033 Redux, Unturned, Battleblock Theater, Castle Crashers

Hope that helped you with anything

made this over a year ago so it’s kinda outdated. still play runescape 3 but moved on from the other games. :smile:

152+ games on steam. wow. mostly i play idle clicking or single player story or mode.
had 50 games in Library. not much play multiplayer or online. just one or two for sure, Monster Hunter World and Rise.

completed with trainers on

Hi i play geometry dash and sadly i have to wait for 2.2 :frowning:

Can we play together, i am from Serbia sorry if i have bad english i trying so hard and i hope you accept a request to be friend on steam i joined to your discord. My name on discord is Luxy-Chan

I play on steam also but I mostly play Resident Evil games since they are my favorite franchise games personally but if you want my steam friend code to join me I can share it in discord. My discord name is ScottDobie#2192 I will only share it in private. I apologize for any inconvenience