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Wanna play games together?


i have uplay 'n origins 'n steam though i dont use origins xD but what ever i have watch_dogs i dont know can you play like multiplayer in it? i have argo, unturned ETS2 (euro truck simulator 2), overwatch, world of warcraft, LoL, dirty bomb, Crossout, fortnite, paragon, world of warships, armored warfare, world of tanks, smite, dota 2 and some other small games i dont really play but yeah i allways want some to play with


:laughing: I thought you say’d origin’s not orion :laughing: my steam name is villadsP551 and on its soldier311 and its the same on uplay


Hi everyone I’m new to the community, but I got steam uplay and origin if you guys wonna add me just ask


Hi friend I’m also newbie here. :slightly_smiling_face:


I love playing Dying Light. So if anyone want to play or needs weapons im here.