Want a Month of Diamond? Make a better one

Make a better one. Whoever designs the best one, will get a month of Diamond.

Feel free to change up the text, anything basically. Also, you can post as many designs as you’d like in your post.

Make sure the width is 200px, you use the logo, and it’s transparent.

haha. Not too hard to beat.

Size limits?

Lulz. nice Zrueda…Nice.

Great Idea.

We have a lot of talented graphics artists here… good luck to everyone, cannot wait to see the entries!

wow funny i saw the thread about it being bad. i guess did you make it?

Good luck guy’s i don’t need diamond… i am 4life lol.
Good luck though ! Make him proud.

You used my suggestion <3

I should receive like 34 hundred years of diamond! JKJK

I will post my ASAP

what does someone get if they win and they are already diamond?

A month of Diamond.

Here are my entries (I can make them any color you want, just through these together for now):

And they are completely scalable once you get the .PSD for any size.

Good luck everyone, shame i fail with gfx…

An extra month of diamond >.<

Here is one of mine :smile:

i said that wrong lol, i meant if someone has Lifetime diamond. my bad ;D

Im Garbage At GFX :L

Gift it to someone else?

They get an extra month.

We’ll think of something.