Want to install games to HDD? with LT+3.0.. Look here

I have recently found a bug with c4eva’s universal topo data all of the xgd3 games i have patched with it will play fine but when I install the game to hard drive then try to play the game it will load fine but the dvd drive will click then it will say disc is not authorized

but it plays fine when its not installed to hdd

any ideas

My LT+ v3.0 games copy to the hard drive fine. I used my own Topology data though.
You sure you done everything correct?

When you get “disc not authorised”, I am pretty sure you get flagged too.

Yep i’ve installed games to my HDD and no problems at all, You must of done something? do you burn with LT max?

How do you do this?
How do i even get my own topology data, off my original copy?

I have the same problem?

XGD3 games did this for me since LT2.0, so I don’t think it is a flaw with the 3.0 firmware.

Are you using the iHas drive to burn?

Rip it using XBC, it will automatically create it.

I have noticed the same problem mate, I am looking into it today. Il PM you if I find anything