Want to level up fast in Halo reach no mods or glitches?

Ok this is a tut on how to earn quick credits on halo reach with out modding,hacking,and challenge boosting.

  1. Go into a firefight lobby pick score attack in multiplayer.

  2. Pick the game mode grunt apocalypse.

  3. Get headshots aim for multikills etc.

There you go 1500+ Credits a game

I know 50% of the community knows this but i wanted people to know if they haven’t. Like the topic if it helped.

This works, but I prefer sword base farmindg :wink:

I know but after 5 or 6 times it gives you NO points with this method it doesn’t go down if you do it multiple times.

Yeah, Sword base got really useless really fast :smile:

Sword base is only good for commendations.

WOW thanks i never knew that Real Nice TuT
i hate modding and Boosting in Halo so this is gonna come in Handy :wink:

Already Posted sorry:

Thanks! XeNoN

Meh whatever mine is better :stuck_out_tongue:

this kid is dumb the grunt thing only gives you 1100 a game and sword base is POINTLESS unless u want to get like 80-90 credits a game unless u r getting commendations

You sir arent very nice. This is actually a great way to earn cR

Already posted this, and included every boosting way known.


Wow first troll excuse me it gives you 3x as much Credits as 1 game of multi player in the same time. A normal multi player game with out Commendations or Challenges is usually 300-400 and this way gets you 1300+ Credits each time. Even with out Commendations or Challenges

Sorry didn’t see that :cry:

heard about this before but im too god damn lazy lol.

I heard that Bungie was giving out day bans for doing this to much. Anyone know if that’s true?

Haha its quite old but its AWESOME! i love this i get 1000xp + everytime:P

No that’s if you challenge boost they cant ban you for playing score attack!

There is no ban for playing their game types. there is a daily limit cap of 100k credits.