Wanted to give an update

Hey guys. It has been almost 2 months since I have been on here. I know that I used to be a regular on XboxMB/HorizonMB for the longest time and I drifted away from being on the forums themselves within the past 9 months, but I did not want to drift away. Things started happening in my life. I started going to church more, and in doing that I started making some more friends IRL then what I was doing sitting on the computer and playing on my Xbox, I also started volunteering at my church as well shortly after I started going there and I really enjoy it. I am not going to start preaching the word on here, but I enjoy being back in church. as for the inside my home life, my niece is a literal handful. She is about to be 3 in 9 days. Hard to believe that almost 3 years has gone by since she was born. She is a hellion, but I love her. I have also been volunteering at homeless shelters around the Hampton roads area of Virginia helping homeless men and women and children get food and clothing as well as personal hygiene products. I am doing a good thing with my life right now and I enjoy it. I miss being on here, don’t get me wrong on that part, but I am always watching you guys on here and laughing at some of the things that is happening in the posts/comments. I cant wait till I can start being a regular member again. I just need to have a little bit more time to myself. Lol. I hope everyone is doing great and please do not hesitate to message me at all. I always love hearing from people. Peace.


Good to hear somebody is happy with their life and peace to you mate.

Glad to hear you have so much going on! It happens to everyone. So you do you man. We’ll always be here.

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@Zach I will continue doing me. Can I ask you a favor?

@CHEEVOTRON I hope everything is well with you bro?

Sure! Feel free to send me a PM.

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