Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War Cheats and Trainer for Steam

It does not function. They turn on, but immediately turn themselves off again…


Similarly have the issue of cheats instantly disabling themselves. Would also be useful to have breakdowns of resources for the different races - Biomass for Tyranids etc.

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Also can anyone confirm if these mistakenly work in multiplayer?

I am also experiencing the auto cheat turn off. Maybe it is doing this because of the Game Launcher that pops up with the “Play” button??? Needs fixing though.

Similarly having the same issue of cheats instantly disabling themselves. May we have an update please.

After the last expansion for the game, only the health cheat works fine. The others do not turn on or do nothing. Update is needed.

@MrAntiFun I’m sorry to report that…its dead jim… don’t suppose we can get an update for this sometime soon, that newest dlc they dropped just killed all the cheats.

It actually wasn’t the DLC that did it, but the patch that released three days after. Until then, everything seemed to work fine.

But yeah, the cheats need updating now.

Wonder if we will get some more tricks for cheats put in to like reduced construction times or reduced turn times if anything? otherwise has anyone got the ball rolling on boosting the cheats here overall?

The Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Food cheat added
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thanks for updating, i’ve been a long time fan of your trainers

Cheats are disabling themselves as of 12/7/21


Cheats are not working. You cant active them.

Needs update, or well. Change to the cheat a bit: 99 health cause reduction ingame stat. Please make it 1000, thanks.

The cheats still do not function. Any chance we can get an ETA on a fix for it?


I just wanted to say that it would be great if you guys would do an update! The cheats dont work, when I want to activate them, they instantly disable themselves

Update: Nevermind, the cheats work in my case. But you have to launch the game, then alt+tab and then launch wemod. Btw, could you make a cheat that for example allows to build a building in one turn or train units in one turn. Could you do that? In one turn or instantly?

Can confirm @Septimus777 is correct. It works. Just listen to their instructions.

Can we get an “one turn buildings” cheat?

Thanks in advance!

Needs a new update cheats are turning off when trying to click them!