Warning: ExpertZone codes may come with a ban

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So, basically if they investigate and see you aren’t actually an employee they’ll ban you from the beta and Gears 3.

According to Cliffy B’s Twitter; people who ABUSED the ExpertZone promotion might be seeing a ban.

Title still stands, I said “may”, not “will”.

Just a heads up.
This also applies for the USB method.

I knew this would happen…

Good thing i’m waiting till Monday and just entering Via Bulletstorm. :smiley:

I’m just glad I actually redeemed a code [non-ExperrtZone] on my account. Lol.

This is NOT how your method works right you got yours elsewhere?

Exactly what I’m doing.

lol, i sold some for 10 dollars >.<

OWNED! xD (How thankful i’m not one of them.)

I got my code on Twitter.

Cody won a VIP code via Twitter so he is fine. :thumbsup:

…****. >.>

oh no what ever am i going to do…just make another account, and yet again its their fault for having this exploit, they probably wont ban anybody, they’re just trying to scare you

I know this would really suck to be banned from GoW3… :confused:

So if you used cody’s upload your safe right?

Not at all…

Ohh…well I’m not to worried I have entered a bought beta code too then I got this so technically I’m supposed to have it :stuck_out_tongue:


No, I bought the code from gamestop lol it’s a legit code >.<

Oh lmao, I thought you meant off Ebay or something…

wait we can get banned for Gow3 beta?

Nahh lol