Warning to those who get pre-loaded accounts (MS points, etc.)

I’m going to warn you since most of you seem oblivious to this, if you “win” an account with pre-loaded Microsoft points 99% of the time they are carded, involve fraud, or some Asian is selling them with stolen/phished CCs and sells them for profit.

If you used a account on your Xbox that has been linked to a stolen CC or PayPal they WILL console ban you.
So just a warning before you guys go ahead and buy these or accept them from people.

thanks for the heads up coady

Yea I heard about this isnt someone doing a giveaway for one of these accs lol that thread should die and nice post for ppl who dont know.

ya, i know that. Stuff with the police can happen too. But yea my friend got console banned for this.

My friend has been too, back when phishing was popular.
I did it once or twice back when I was like 14, before they started console banning though.

Out of curiosity, do you know if these bans include accounts that have been on the console for a while or just accounts you have acquired recently?

It all depends. Microsoft’s banning system isn’t very known.

Ah, I see. Thank you regardless. Most people just take up what they can without considering the consequences.

People need to see this they dont realize the consequences :stuck_out_tongue:

i bought a $50 PSN for my psp. But thats different.
Thanks for the heads up. Did you get banned or something?

My friends have, I stopped doing it a while back.
And I talk to people on HF that were doing this and they get banned.

Isn’t there a thread of someone giving away a account with 6,000 MSP?

If you win what account, Watch out

Any console that recovers any carded account gets console banned?

Pretty much.
I’m sure they’ll check where the purchases were made as well.

I got console banned because of carded Accounts that I had :anguished: Not doing that again lol

So, since I recovered one… and bought a game, I get banned?

If the account or CC was reported stolen, theres a chance.

Dam it! I was going to do this tomarrow! GOD! You had to make me worry, thanks
but thanks for the heads up


Someone wanted to give me an account with a credit card on it!

That’s never a good thing because you know it isn’t his then. I had a list of over a million gt and passwords once and 50% of them had CC on them. Luckily I never recovered any of them.