WARNO Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Unlimited units is not working on single player skirmish (when you activate it deactivates immediately).


Dear cheat developer:

      hi! 1st i'd like to appericate your work for making me have fun and enjoy so many games not feeling suck when i doesnt fit the game's mechnic like pro players.
      im playing warno recently and met issues like below:

     1.unlimited number of unit & unlimited deployment points , are not available in solo mission,while unlimited ammo and fuel are.
        while you have these 2 funtion on in mission,for example, the DDR mission<twiight of gods>,its gonna work for AI,them gonna deploy all units against you,while you cannot deploy any unit beyond the mission limits.

        2.today is 2023/9/16 and in solo skirmish, the unlimited deployable units funtion aint working.

        hope soon we can see those funtion work more properly ! 
        again sent my best regards

the unlimited unit cheat isn’t working

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Can we please get god mode

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The WARNO cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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3 days ago updated the game as infinite units stopped working on previous versions, today or rather 8 hours ago again update, and again does not work infinite units, please fix this

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Make sure you’re using the most recent trainer, by clicking the History button underneath the Play button.

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Warno has updated again (small 4mb). Tested trainer and all options appear to continue to work fine for single player skirmish.

Would it be possible to make the cheats compatatible with the singleplayer operations?