Warranty Transfer Question

Microsoft is extremely busy taking phone calls. Instead of me waiting one hour to ask a question, i’ll ask the beloved community. Is their a possibility of transferring Xbox One warranty to another Xbox One that is out of warranty?
My friend’s xbox one has a console issue where the screen goes black then after 10 minutes the screen goes green. This error been happening for two weeks with no fix. We tried everything, no hope. I myself play xbox once every two weeks even if that. i’ll rather give my warranty for a better cause cause he plays his console every day. Kind of feel bad sadly.

No it is tracked by serial number and MS can’t/wont transfer it.

Thankyou so much Chris :3. Proceed with closing this thread.

Instead of waiting one hour you can always use their live support chat. The usual waiting time is around 15 minutes and they’re really quick, helpful and easy to talk with.

And If I had to answer your question, I’d guess no.