Wartales Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Please update the trainer.
The “mouse hover item” function stops working after some time.
I read the forum and saw two possible options: a large number of saves or issuing professions to mercenaries and prisoners.
Deleting some of the saves did not help me, but I think that the reason is precisely in the professions because I played a longer game without issuing a large number of professions and the cheat stopped working in the second region.
In a new game, I quickly recruit a team and distribute professions and the problem quickly appears. List of professions for which I have a problem with cheating: craftsman, fisherman, cook, thief, blacksmith.
There is also a problem with the GodMode cheat when fighting with allies - only allied troops have invulnerability, but the player’s units do not have it, and invulnerability in all battles misses the effects of bleeding and poisoning and because of this it actually does not work for the wounded due to these effects characters.


Having many of the same issues they’re describing, and I’d still LOVE to see some cheats to help with the Rouste minigame.

The mod does not work, has problems and causes the game to crash.

It works for me, but not the item modificator

I’ve found the Item Quantity mod to be really finicky. I have the best luck with it when in Camp or the Overworld (Paused doesn’t affect results). It’s really unreliable if I start a new save and don’t advance to a significant amount of the first map.

But lately I’ve seen that if I activate the Set and the value doesn’t immediately change I can inspect a Companion and then the item count changes at the split second the Companion Overview pops up.

The trainer definitely needs an update for the item quantity cheat but there is a way round that. I had to start a new game to try that since the item cheat only work in the early stage. For me, I use Cheat Engine to get miner profession to journeyman within the first month of game time. You can mine late game ore in the early stage. When you acquired all the rare materials on the first map within that time frame use the item cheat when you are in the inn in town, and give yourself lots to last you to late game and storage them all in your trading post chest.

With latest update, the following features are not working:

  • Super Carrying Capacity
  • Edit Gold / Influence / Valor / Knowledge Points
  • Edit Skill Points
  • God Mode
  • Super Damage/One-Hit Kills

Please fix. Especially the Super Carrying Capacity (as this makes saves unplayable until you dump everything you’ve collected), Edit money and edit skills.


aggreed, don’t work anymore


Update new version please. Thanks you!!


It stopped working after yesterday’s DLC


Have you tried launching the game first and waiting until you can move freely within the game world, and then opening the mods by clicking “PLAY”?

Tried that. Trainer does activate, none of the options activate though.


It’s currently in the testing queue. After it’s been tested, it’ll be considered for the creator queue if it requires an update. For now, you may want to use the Notify Me button on the trainer if you would like to be informed when updates are made.


Is there anything we can do to vote on or request it be added to the Creator Queue? Fine if not, just wondering


Since you’re a Pro member, you can influence its queue status using Boost. Boosts are used to influence the priority of games in the queue . The more boosts a game has, the more likely it is to be worked on sooner than games higher up in the queue. After boosting a game, you may not see a change in its position.


need update


Update please! This game is awesome!