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Watch Dogs 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


do the updated cheats download automatically or do i need to click on some button ?

my infinite health has been broken for weeks


Yeah it will automatically get updated and you will get notified by infinity.

I will need to make the option from scratch because of how much the game changed, didn’t feel like doing that at the time. But i will get to it sometime this month


The Watch Dogs 2 cheats have been updated! @Railgun69


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


The trainer does show updated although same issues persist. Any ideas?


Delete your infinity cache. And get steam or uplay version of game


How do you delete your infinity cache?


The correct path is %appdata%/Infinity. Just delete the entire folder.

You can also let infinity open for a few minutes and it will auto-update the trainer.


It works but it won’t do Unlimited Money, Unlimited Battery, Or Add Followers.
Can somebody explain?


Read trainer notes.



If I try to watch Dogs 2 about Infinity to start then comes all the time that:

I have already turned off the antivirus program and turned off EAC

PS: I have the game only on U-Play

Sry for my bad English


Add Infinity as an exception and turn the av off.
Something is blocking Infinity from injecting


Turn off EAC


Learn to read :stuck_out_tongue:


Still does not work :frowning:


When you start Watch dogs 2 do you get the notification that eac is disabled?


When i start with Infity no but normal yes


Start the game yourself then attach infinity.


If i start the game over U-Play then i cant activate cheats


Yepp start your game then back out to desktop then start infinity should work like that


it still does not work.

PS:Have just found out that it does not go with any game