Watch Dogs Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I absolutely BEG you to add giving yourself skill points. I am BEGGING you.

Why is it that i can’t cheat with games i have on Uplay (is it just me or is it like this for everyone) and if it’s just me how do i fix it?

Be more specific.

What do you mean by saying, “Why is it that i can’t cheat with games i have on Uplay” ? Which GAMES are you talking about ?

Most of the trainers are made for the STEAM copy of the game, for use in SINGLE player/offline mode, some for ORIGIN/GOG as well, but regardless they should work.

Do you have most of the games on UPLAY ?

Again, which game cheats aren’t working ? Btw, I’ve just moved your topic under the correct forum category/section.

It depends on the game. Some of the trainers are made to work with uplay(mostly just games that require uplay), while other trainers are made to work with other DRMs, like Steam’s.

Just adding on what Snake said :3
Every new Ubisoft game goes through Uplay anyway. So its normally the same build between Steam and Uplay. So then it work regardless.

@theplagueman what do you really mean with you cant cheat? Is it that the game dont show up in My Games in Infinity or is it a spesific cheat that dont work for you and need fixing from devs?

Indeed. I think even if you purchase the game on STEAM, it has to go through UBI’s UPLAY, imo, so I think the build version should be mostly same.

I don’t think UBISOFT sells it’s games without the UPLAY platform, though I could be wrong, as I’m not fully sure.

It says that it could not find an installation of any of the Games like fc3 and ac bf or ac rogue on my computer so and i Went to pick a folder and when i picked the folder they where in they where not there i Think that i can only mod steam and origin games

Does the Infinity TRAINER work when you first start the Game ? Can you attach infinity, after you have loaded a particular game level ?

First, launch the game.

After that, once the game level has been loaded, just ALT+TAB back to your desktop and start Infinity. Click on the START GAME button to switch back to the game.

When the icon says “End Game”, this means the trainer has been activated. For Far Cry 3 you need to run the DX11 version, by clicking on this exe, farcry3_d3d11.exe

The pick folder dialog does not list exes, just pick the base of your game folder and infinity should pick it up.

Infinity works for uplay/steam/gog, i don’t know why people assume that it doesn’t especially for games that are only available there. Infinity can’t auto-detect uplay/origin games because they don’t have a centralized place to list all installed games like steam does so you have to pick the folder yourself.

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Watchdogs is free to purchase this week as a lot of you probably know with all of the articles coming out about it and i just wanna play with my friend and mess around with the mods but when i try to add it to steam or put the file into infinity it just doesnt work idk what to do anymore help

Select the base game folder.

So I’ve selected the game base folder. The cheat still can not be loaded onto the game.

Any help there?

Run game yourself then attach infinity.

I’m still begging you to be able to add/deduct skill points!
Can you do that? Please? I would be so bloody grateful!
Let’s be honest, many people would be grateful but still… will you do it, please? For us?

Best Regards,
avid Infinity fan.

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Any chance there can be a perk point add?

Hello STN, first of all, love your work!!
Unfortunately no cheat is working for me, all cheats show active but I still die and ammo decreasing.

What is your game source and version?

Wow cheats are working! Turns out if I activate the cheats in the menu (before starting the gameplay) it works.
It’s Uplay version. Thanks STN

Skill point add? Please?..

i believe that it is unlimited health, cause it changes the code in the game so the character doesen’t take damage, invisinility, unlimited ammo, no reload, and unlimited battery. the cars get weird colors and when i fall from high buildings or high points, i kind of die, but i’m stuck lying on the ground in the “dead” pose, so i have to restart, not the entire game, but reload the save file and continue. now in 2018 though, it works fine.