I’ve been thinking about buying a watch and just wondering if anyone here has some opinions on them. Brands or really anything.
I’m looking for a metal one that is silver or black.
Here is an example of one I found pretty quick -

I mean… for 1400$ off you should grab it anyway.
It does look nice though.

Just get an apple watch… huehuehue :wink:

Citizen, Seiko, Movado, all my watches are those brands. Oh and I have a Nixon watch.

If you have an Android device, get a Moto 360 with a silver finish and a metal band. If you have an iPhone, go the Apple Watch route.

Not really looking for a smart watch. Maybe when they get less ugly and cheaper.


Sorry you have to pay for watches that isn’t allowed here.

Top quality from Sweden and ships to America / US.

Nixon has some pretty sleek looking watches, and reliable as well. I really like the Sentry.

They also have the band in stainless steel, since you mentioned wanting metal.