WaW 10th Prestige USB! :: Get your tokens!

EDIT: For those of you who this is not working for, I can recover your account and give you tenth prestige. I promise I will return it as it was, except for your WaW Rank. If I don’t, you can contact staff, and I give them promission to ban me for this for a while. Don’t just go tell staff if you didn’t give me correct credentials, or didn’t give me anything. Sorry for the inconvienance.

Download this and read the “readthis” file.

Use XTAF, Horizon, or Modio and replace the current IDs with yours.

This has not been tested but similar things have been.

Please report any bugs.
New Version 3 DOWNLOAD: (Fixed Error)
V3 Password: [details=V3 Password!] 23780 [/details]

Badge’s 10th Prestige Hack For WaW V2.0.rar

Added a password:

Open Me

Password: xmbisamazing4498 (Exactly as it appears)

EDIT: Just resume solo campaign, quit, then your 10th. Get a kill in multiplayer (not zombies) to equal out the XP.

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You can use Horizon to change the ID’s. O_o

Oh yeah oops lol

UPDATE!: I added a password, It can be found in the spoiler in the Original Post.

It has been tested/checked by me.

Am I doing it wrong? I load up the save. I unlocked the achievements for Highest Rank and First Time Prestige. I Save and Quit. Enter a multiplayer game. Get a kill. Leave. But I’m still rank 1. >.<

Are you tenth prestige? It may be a mistake on me, or did you rank save data corrupt?

Nope, just regular rank one.

Hmmm… try reloading the save. Make sure you selected your flash drive, not your other MU’s. Like resume the game, then leave, and go into a solo zombies game, then leave. See then.

Nope. >.< When I resume the save it comes up ‘unknowncmd’ twice, in the left hand corner as well as your blue writing. Also, has something been bound to the Back button? I can’t seem to look at the scoreboard.

Nothing is bound that the back button ATM.

I will try binding it to a button, then maybe it will work.

Try playing a bit of multiplayer and ranking up to level 2, then try it again.

I did, bud. Now I’m rank 3. :laughing:

Yes, I was thinking of this, when you are level 1, sometimes ranking up like that doesn’t work.

I get this too. Says something about unknowncmd gameprofle. I’ve retried multiple times, I’ve leveled up 2 levels to see if itd fix it and no dice :anguished:

Same here.

I will edit it.

the “Updategamerprofile” thing wasn’t really necessary, but I thought it would help the rank stick.

UPDATE! ~ For those of you who weren’t getting ranked up, I removed some probably unneccessary coding, and it should work know.

Download Link and Password included in OP.

This time, all it says is “Uknown CMD” for v3

For the text, it is supposed to do that.

Take a picture or video? Thanks.

Interesting. I’d like to see how this pans out :o