WAW GPD mods?

Would these work?

.bind BUTTON_START "exec modme;cg_laserforceon 1;exec modmenu.cfg;cg_fov 89;god;god;god".....bind BUTTON_BACK "noclip;g_speed 500;g_gravity 100;player_clipsizemultiplier 999;player_sprintunlimited 1;give all;jump_height 1000;bg_falldamageminheight 1000"

Is it possible for these to work?


How bout this?

Bind BUTTON_START "togglemenu;zfastrestart;xpscale" 

Supposedly this one ↑ is for COD 4!

hmm i dont think so i think all binds were baned for online it would work in offline
do you mind if i give it a try?

Sure, I mean these were poster JAN 13 2011

if you have the cfg yeh it would work
and you dont need all the dots b4 buton bak

lol i have a question now :stuck_out_tongue: how do i put them into my gpd :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never seen

exec modme

Anyone want to explain what it means?


it means execute cfg file

Really? Now i have another question:

If that runs a cfg file, does this mean we are going to have to have ISO mods on are HDD to make it work?

Lol. Get these from TTG? No they don’t work.

yea,but I just wanted to see if these are possible, I looked at the code scratching my head

yea but that wouldnt work on cod 4 because you break the hash

Hmm well I think I have another Dvar, lemme find it

But it work in WAW? Online maybe?


no because the W@W Mp is encrypeted and againe you would break the hash it only on zombies because its not hash checked like MP


Nah this wont work bro, :confused:



Why is their a z their? I mean I have been modding and using Binds, offline, but have never seen this code either.


Edited again :wink:

its like when your playing S&D whan it switches round most things stay the same
and Map restart well its in the name