Way to avoid prestige token ban

Ok so my friend did the token glitch and then said he didnt think he could get banned so we tried something

Activision Call of Duty Support Home

Go to this link and wait for someone to speak to you and say your tokens glitched when your prestiged and this is what happened after i dont know if they will help you but its worth a try


Hope this helped


Lol they will ban you.

Robert Bowling confirmed it.

Also how an you prestige tokens " Glitch " to - 54 for example?

It’s possible it could glitch to infinite… They never know…

The ban wave part is true I would believe.

About a quater of the MW3 community have done this glitch, if they banned everyone who did it, I think they would lose a lot of players.

I’m not sure I think this may actually work, thanks.

No problem glad to assist people :smile:

Yes and your tokens can glitch to infinite tokens

Why would talking to a support to has no say in anything, will get you not banned?
Your basically admitted to saying how you got unlimited tokens and you don’t want to get banned.

They got your gamertag. Send it to the people who can ban you and they look into it. Anything is possible, but abusing a glitch is a band. So if you accidentally got infinite tokens, you’d get banned or reset tokens by the people if they can’t prove you did it on purpose.

Just how I see it.

i just called them last night and today they said that theres a problem with the servers or sum thing i have -550 she said i will be ok and i will not get baned

I am sure you will get banned at somepoint.

no if you call them and play dum they will ask you for ur email and number i did all that i have notes next to my gt and they said i will not BE BANNED!!!

Support has (usually) little influence over that. (Keep in mind, they are usually outsourced) They may make a note, however just because you have a note doesn’t remove your chance of being banned.