We Mod installation

I’ve messed up my We Mod program.Hope you can help.
btw. I’m in my late 60s so bear with me please.
I set up a subscription account -U/N benikoon. A few weeks back the trainer for AC Odyssey stopped working. I tried adding to my antivirus and also starting the game first without success,So I re downloaded We Mod and reinstalled.I used the program without logging in for a while then last 2 weeks or so got a box asking me to log in.Because the sub. account didn’t seem to be working I set up a new account with a different email.Ran into problems again with the cheats not working so I just re-installed -eager to continue playing. This worked for a while but then I get the same box asking me to log in so I try to login with the new email address and it brings me directly to the subscription account - this now shows the Ac Odyssey trainer as not downloaded - when I download the trainer nothing happens - it doesn’t seem to load.
Sorry this is so convoluted - I am not very computer literate.Any help will be much appreciated.

I’d be happy to try and help! Could you please take a screenshot of the error you’re receiving when trying to “download” the trainer? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, thanks for having a look at this.
I logged in to the subscription account and downloaded the trainer then clicked on Games and it brings me to this - see sceenshot.

I’m stumped.

Click here and press the play button Untitled

Thanks, I did that and got this screen:

I see that mcaffee antivirus so probably thats what causing all the problems

I added We Mod to the exceptions and run it in administrator and I have been using it for about a year so I don’t think its that.
I think I uninstalled and re-installed too many times?
As I said ‘stumped’.

I would be willing to assist you over teamviewer which is a remote desktop program if you are comfortable with that to see if we can get you up and running again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes I’m fine with that - I have to go to work now, can we arrange a time?

Sure, what time zone are you in and what’s your availability window in that time zone?

Hi, I’m in Dublin which is GMT time.
I am available anytime from midday Saturday next right through to Tuesday evening.

I’ll most likely be available sometime Saturday,I’d aim for probably 9-10am EST which would be 2-3pm GMT :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I’ll be here, will you email me first?

I’ll send you a private message now :slightly_smiling_face:

I replied to your email, hope you got it, I’m in work today, Friday.

I sent you a new pm, I did not receive your message as I messaged you through the forums software and not email although you may have received an email notification. You can find your private messages here. I also apologize for the day confusion, I meant Saturday in the message but typed tomorrow on Thursdays message


Thank you for sorting this out, I appreciate your efforts, it’s an excellent support response.

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I’m glad we got it all figured out, thanks for supporting WeMod by being a pro member! :slightly_smiling_face:

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