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I got Wemod pro the other day so I could boost a game I wanted to play and get some super-easy money. The downside to this is even with it sitting at number 3 or 4 in the Q and I used all my boosts to get that game cheats out faster. Witch is what the boosts are for. Wake up the next day and somehow the game has fallen from 3 to 26 today it sits at 28. So I would really love to know what my 7.99 went to seeing as the so-called boosts mean nothing and do nothing.


Welcome to the community and thank you for supporting WeMod’s development by going Pro. :slight_smile:

A trainer’s position in the queue are affected by more than just boosts by Pro members, though boosts are a massive part of it and have the most influence. The popularity of the game within the community also matters. Here’s a quote from another of my recent posts:

Also bear in mind that boosted games are not always updated in the queue right away, they sometimes need to be evaluated by staff here at WeMod, which is explained clearly in the support link given in the above quote.

It is entirely possible that the other games in the queue received more boosts from other Pro users than the one you boosted recently. There’s not much we can do about which games our Pro members choose to boost more than others, it’s an entirely democratic choice made by them. Just like in democratic politics, some get more votes (in this case boosts) than others.

If the game is in the queue, it will be updated in due course. But we do need to consider prioritising those that have more active users and mostly more boosts from Pro members first. :slight_smile:

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