We need new trainer for new dlc's to dying light

pls remember us…we’re dying light community we want new WORKING trainers kk bye c’ya :slight_smile: love d.va

Does the current trainer not work?

It does. I’m not sure what DLC he is talking about because there isn’t any new DLC.

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At E3 last month Techland announced there’s going to be 10 new free DLC over the next 12 months because apparently around 500,000 people still play the game a week according to their figures. But as you said @Chris, there isn’t any out at the moment so nobody can do anything about it yet.

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He just joined to write a weird ass text. He never even checked if the trainer works for sure

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The first one is out actually. Its not big dlc like you’d see on the steam page. just extra stuff added to the game via updates


But Infinity still works fine with the new DLC update?

probably. Its not like these dlc change the code of the game or whatever. They’re just things added here and there.

That’s what I was thinking. Thanks for the info :+1: