We Need Your Opinion! - Numpad or F keys?

Which do you guys prefer as the default for hotkeys in Infinity? We’re going to be defining a standard very soon.

If the split is equal, we may add a default setting that will change all trainers hotkeys depending on your preference.

  • Numpad (NUM1, NUM2, etc)
  • F Keys (F1, F2, F3, etc)

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personally i prefer numpad because sometimes the f keys are used for other things already, like video capture etc.
Edit: so I usually end up changing some of them. also the ones which have only ctrl + a button i usually change to ctrl + alt or such so that i dont accidentally trigger it.

I can only use the F keys cause my keyboard doesn’t have a numpad.

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^Yeah that. Had too many people complain they don’t have a numpad and then guide them to using OSK (virtual keyboard).

I mean in this day and age people don’t have numpads o_O

And also with pro , you don’t need to use either of them
I use my phone so no F- keys or numpad


^ Look at this pacifist, dont want to join the war?

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Same thing as Frank.

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On one hand, F keys are assigned to other stuff and it would conflict sometimes. On the other hand, people without numpads has to resign the keys every time. I need some data on what side has to resign the most keys in order for me to make an informed decision.

I prefer numpad as i already have some things like steam screen shot bound to the f keys

I perfer numpad.

Most games use the f1 keys for console and other menus like that, none of the games i play make use of the num pad. I remap most tools I use to use num pad because of that.

Bumping this.

I would suggest an option to choose one of these 2. Not everyone has a numpad on their keyboard and some have other shortcuts on F keys like me.


Interesting idea. The trainer would come with two sets of default keys and you can decide what set to use for games in the settings tab.

How the heck is the numpad winning? :thinking:

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Even with such a small sample size, I can predict that there’s no majority.

We’re going to have something in onboarding and settings for users to choose their preference!

I bet you could get some good data if you impliment that and monitor what the users choose. Although at that point the data might not be worth much anymore.

I concur with @Frostive, I use a Razer BlackWindow Tournament Edition that doesn’t have a numeric keypad. I can use the app, but it would be nice to be able to choose either way. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of space on my desk.

The good news is we’re adding this to WeMod 5:


As always, you guys are always on top of things, thanks as always for your efforts!

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I want it to be tie