Weekly LASO challenge: 100,000 cr glitch

Hey guys,

I don’t know if this glitch has been posted or not but thought Id share it with the community. Whenever there is a LASO weekly challenge you can repeat it constantly by getting yourself a checkpoint save and simply fallowing these easy steps. To get yourself the max of 100,000 cr daily.

The glitch

Step 1
Get yourself a LASO checkpoint save

Step 2
Load it onto your HDD or MU
make sure you have deleted any of your previous game saves

Step 3
(Start Reach) Resume the campaign save and complete the weekly challenge

Step 4
(this is the glitch) Go to the main menu .Sign out of your account BUT before you are completely signed out, press the center button on your controller twice

step 5
Now sign back into your account, 99% of the time the weekly challenge you just
completed will now show up as uncompleted

Step 6
Repeat steps 1 through 5 over & over till you reach the max cr cap of 100,000 or w/e it is these days

Also if you want to earn more credits, do the bypass cr cap glitch and gain even more credit !

I’m not sure if you will be temp banned or reset for this glitch, but its here if you want it. Do it at your own risk…

Please don’t flame, its my 1st thread and just wanted to share…
Enjoy guys :smile:

what is the laso challange?
can you link me to a game save

This will get you reset so fast

Sorry GR8 modder x, but no one can do this glitch this week, there is no LASO challenge >.<
Probably next week.

this is the equivalent of challenge resetting… you’ll probably get cr banned for 2d/1w/2w, depends. you most likely won’t get reset however.

I’m not sure, I read they don’t reset any more… I could be wrong

They don’t reset you anymore because too many people wer quitting.

Thanks for the help

I did this LASO 2 weeks ago Credit Capped EVERYDAY and got no ban what so ever :smiley:

i did the Ethernet cable for a Daily and got credit banned for a week in an hour your one lucky sob

Of course your going to get banned for the challenge resetting. It’s network manipulation and they are tuff on that stuff.

You spelt champagne not campaign lol

Sounds good ima try it

Bungie WILL ba/suspend/reset you for this.

Just depends on the person doing it, and how much they do it.

Doesn’t this show up as more then 1 weekly challenge completed in your stats? Would be super obvious to other players in matchmaking

Edit* Didn’t work for me anyway

your a dimond member make the mod your self

That’s because you were doing the Ethernet glitch

Done this from Warrent Officer Grade 3 to Brigadier, I haven’t received a ban :stuck_out_tongue:

How did you get it to reset the weekly? It didn’t work for me :anguished:

Anyone been reset yet?