Weekly LASO challenge: 100,000 cr glitch

As has been posted countless times, you will not get reset.

I’ll try this soon!

I don’t do it this way, I do it a different way.

Is there a save i can use for this weeks challenge maybe someone could link me to,
Much appreciated ,
also is this worth trying ?

Gonna try this.

I don’t care if i get reset Reach is **** anyway


Didn’t work for me. i don’t think i signed out at the right time, i didn’t have scoring on either. i don’t know if that helps or not.

is there a video tutorial showing it in more detail somewhere?

well I got reach online banned for no fcking reason so why shouldnt I try this out btw the signing out thing I dont get that part this is what I understand.

“I press my xbox guide button on my control press x to sign out and when it says signing out I have to press the guide button on my control twice” now my other question if this step is correct what would the 2 click guide button do? would it sign me in automaticly or cancel the signing out?

Another one with the game save I cant find my game saves on my hdd only my videos and my screenshots but no campaing game save can you or some one else tell me how the file is named on your HDD?

thanks in advance


Answer #1

  • By doing the signout glitch it will still signout your profile but it will be alot quicker.
    For some reason once you sign back in, any challenges you completed will then be reset.

Answer #2

  • Your game-save will look something similar to this: seiwhltciecqbaaaaaic0uqwx3oul00ssbmkkzgtz.
    I believe all saves begin with seiw

Sorry no I don’t have a video to help you better understand :anguished:
You just need to keep trying the glitch, it doesn’t work 100% but just keep doing it and your bound to get it eventually. It takes me 2 or 3 tries sometimes… You’ll figure it out.

This Glitch works perfectly fine, ive been doing it for the past 3 days.

Yep. Glitch works fine.

So far, got about 75k credits over 3 days and no ban. :smile:

This is Nice,I’ll try it,but it will be hard completing this week’s challenge ‘~’

Here’s a gamesave for this week’s LASO challenge:


I’ve hit credit cap Monday, Tuesday and Today, no ban.

It’s been around a month now for me and nothing but credit caps :thumbsup:

is there an up to date method on how to reset the challenge if you have already unlocked it ?
sorry im a noob at halo reach boosting

So if they aren’t resetting you guys for the glitch, has anybody tried to add more that the daily 1,000 credits using diamond to see if they are allowing that now??

It does not.

Im pretty sure you will get banned for doing this pretty fast actually