Weird Blurryness In App

I just installed a RTX 3080 yesterday and, weirdly, the WeMod app gets blurry.
No other program or app blurs, just WeMod.

Considering I could use the Snipping Tool to capture this effect; it’s not my monitors.
And since it’s only happening to WeMod; It’s not the card.

Both my monitors are the same make and model and size and refresh rate. And I use Gsync to ensure a proper refresh rate for both monitors, too.
Driver are up to date (I went from an Nvidia card to an Nvidia card, and triple checked my drivers).

Since the card was put in my PC yesterday, and I’m somewhat tech-ignorant; anyone know a setting or fix for this?

Edit: I added am img link but apparently it did not work. So here;

This is caused by Nvidia trying to apply AA to apps. Disable it from the Nvidia control panel and it should resolve the issue.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Update; It’s still doing it, and I turned off AA in all it’s forms for WeMod.

So you changed your setting to look like this?