Welcome to our new moderator! Ptondo!

Hey everyone! We’ve brought on @ptondo as a moderator here on the forums and on the Discord! He’s been super active and always tries to help anyone he can. We think he’s gonna be an amazing fit and a great addition to the team!


well there goes the neighborhood. ha ha i joke. Congrats @ptondo

Thanks @Hawk Ya guys I try to help out as much as I can. Been here active only 3 years so learned quite a bit since then. Need to learn as I go . But being on here like 20 times a day can help out pretty much with questions and answers so see how it goes !
It’s a real privilege to be moderator on here I’ll do the best I can.
Thanks instinct , Frank, Chris, zach , and the rest of you that put your trust in me !!


gz ptonda on being a member of the team hope you could teach a thing a two of how to use hex editor on diablo 3 orignal or in other word vanilla

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Haha not that good. Never did use hex editor. Over my head. Sorry
Ya thanks too !!

Congrats @ptondo on your moderator status

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Thanks alot. Try my best.

but regardless or not keep up the good work i hope you could make some great details house for skyrim like rooster has done and also please make sure that it dont interfer with the civil and main quest lines for the 360

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@ptondo Please close this. It was a big mistake!

Congrats buddy! I don’t know how I missed it.

I still remember the morning of June 13th 2014 when I had just woken up and hopped on HorizonMB to see if anyone needed help. I probably had a decent amount of brewskis the night before and was still half out of it not knowing what the hell was going on. One of the first threads/topics was one that said something like “Congrats to our newest Horizon Pro!” or something like that. I clicked on it and it was me! I honestly thought I was dreaming or it was some cruel joke. I still remember Chris telling me it was a big mistake and Frank would be fixing it soon. But I knew it wasn’t. For like a year straight I was on 10-20 hours a day. I don’t know how I did it. While I don’t regret it, and enjoyed helping people out and having a good time in the odd threads/topics we used to all get involved in, I still don’t know how I pulled it off. What I do know is that I learned as much as I tought others those first couple of years being a member here.

I said enough. Again, congrats! Maybe I’ll try to make a comeback someday…but be warned…I’ll be coming for that crown!

P.S. If anyone can dig up that old thread from June 2014 when I got Pro please link me to it. I’m sure Chris deleted it but who knows maybe it’s still out there.