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Welcome to our newest moderator, Ravenfyre!

@Ravenfyre joined WeMod about 9 months ago and has been an extremely valuable member to the WeMod community. Since joining he has been one of our most active users on the forums and Discord. Ravenfyre has shown he cares about the community by providing support to hundreds of members.

Congrats and welcome to the team! :confetti_ball:


Congrats @Ravenfyre! Keep up the good work!

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Thank you for the warm welcome to the team. :blush:
WeMod and the community are brilliant. Helping out other members of the community is a way of giving something back to WeMod for enabling me to cheat so easily in games that I atrociously suck at.

Rest assured that the wise words of my great-grandfather are echoing in my mind - “With great power comes a great big bloody electricity bill”. Or something like that anyway.

Thanks again. Have an awesome day / afternoon / evening / all of the above. :smiley:


Welcome it’s about time. Glad to have on the team. !! Good luck

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Congrats! Well deserved. I brought some questionably fresh RE3 Remake Demo Doughnuts to celebrate.
RESIDENT EVIL 3 _Raccoon City Demo__20200319132301


I dont remember getting doughnuts even RE3 doughnuts when I became a moderator.
Wow thanks Steve. !


Thank you @SteveWonda and @ptondo. :smiley:

And those doughnuts look adoughrably aglazeing!

Help yourself, guys. :yum:


No idea how or why this guy got mod, all he ever does is bully me.

In all honestly though, you’re an amazing help around here and a huge resource.
Congrats on mod!

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Beats me. :man_shrugging: Someone must’ve put something in Chris’ coffee.

Thank you for the kind words. Just helping out where I can. :slight_smile:

It was I. I snagged a few of these from the RE3 demo. Who’s next?
RESIDENT EVIL 3 _Raccoon City Demo__20200319124850
The onset & early affects are good & rewarding to others… but just wait for when it does what it’s built for. Community Manager turns Community Damager. Call him Nemechris the way he swings that ol’ ban hammer! My watch tells me about 37 hours before all hell breaks loose.

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Well that explains it. :thinking:

Do we need to quarantine him in isolation now, then? :biohazard:

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Welcome, be the good cop!

not because you can do something you need to do it…