Well gee-freaking-dangit

Do you know how confused I was when I tried going to Xboxmb??? Quite. Lmao. I came here because I was looking through a photobucket account I haven’t been on in years and saw some screenshots of Horizon360 when that was still this site’s name. What is this, name #5? Lol. I’m just happy the site is still up and running…and I’m still diamond ;] I know I’m never around, but I still love ya’ll oldies.

Here are the screenies I was talking about. Nostalgic!


ALSO (double post, I know):
Can we just reflect for a second on the time that we wanted to user badges so I came up with some dope ones like this:

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well, they “changed horizon pro’s” to just “pro’s”. They also added trust levels. Then again, that was from horizonmb to wemod, so they have probably added more things since you joined.

Welcome back!

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Weren’t you around last year? It hasn’t been THAT long :stuck_out_tongue: Only 1k members in that screenshot, wow…

Hope you’re doing well, and hope you’re into PC gaming!

Windows vista. Dear god.