WeMid offline today at 15:30hours + 07/04/23

Hi at Wemod, I tried and tried for at least 30 minutes but I kept getting that the Trainer would not connect to Wemod site, don’t know if the people at Wemod knew about the problem.
Kind regards.

Had the same problem but sinve i was updating my system (Software) i restarted my computer and used cleanmgr to get rid of some temp trash.

Later i started WeMod i took some time because wemod was also updating but it works fine at the moment for me :slight_smile:

Maybe my expirience is also helpful for you :slight_smile:

Thankyou, WorthyCanvas301, I have not tried to use the Trainer since the issue this afternoon, will try it later on this evening :slight_smile: SteelSoldier.