WeMod always asks me to log in

Every time I open WeMod it never saves my login details and thinks I’m a new user, starting up with the “create account” screen. I have to click on the login screen and then enter my details again. Having to do this every time I start up the app is becoming annoying. Does any know how to resolve this?

How are you starting WeMod? Are you running it from the desktop shortcut / start menu? It sounds like you might be running the installer every time.

Starting it from the Windows start menu as its already installed. I’ve attached a screen recording to show you what I mean.


When you completely close WeMod is there a folder in AppData\Roaming named WeMod? I assume something is deleting the cache.

Yep, there’s a WeMod folder. Screenshot attached.

Hmm that is weird. I will need to ask a developer if they have any ideas. As far as I know the only reason this should happen is if the cache is cleared.

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Appreciated. As you can expect, this is becoming annoying having to log in every time I start up the app. Is there a particular file that should exist? If you need any more info, just let me know.

Any update on this? It’s been over a month and even after an update, nothing has changed. The app still asks me to log in every time I use the app.