Wemod and Gamepass cloud gaming

Yesterday had a go at trying to get wemod to work with gamepass pc especially using their cloud gaming but all the time it asked me to install the game, (the game was Prey) am i missing something here and it should work or is it something that doesn’t work full stop? obviously the cloud gaming option would be best as i could continue my progress on xbox without having to start the game over on pc

Hello there, welcome to the community!
Unfortunately, trainers won’t be able to work with cloud gaming. It’s due to how the game is technically stored elsewhere, and not on your PC.

I believe Veloxia is right. You can still use the Xbox Gamepass with downloaded and installed games, but cloud gaming will not work with WeMod. The service WeMod has to see that the games are actually installed on your hard drive/SSD/nVme storage on your computer.