Wemod app is offscreen

Not sure why but when I open the app it is opening way off to the left of my screen, im using Windows 10, when this has happened in the past I usually just shift click the app on the task bar and select move to move the app back onto my screen, for some reason though when I do this on Wemod it doesnt open up the shift click menu at all.

So yeah Im stuck and unable to use the app anymore.

Have you tried killing the WeMod task in task manager CTRL + SHIFT + ESC then reopen?

That seems to have done the trick thank you.:+1:

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Even tho this seems to have been addressed already there is a better solution to it rather the force killing.

Win(flag)+left shift and arrowkeys to move programs and windows around multiple screens or back onto a screen if you somehow manage to send it off screen.

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Alternatively you can also hit the windows key + alt + space + M on any non full screen program to drag it with the mouse :slightly_smiling_face: