Wemod app not working

The game feature doesn’t pop up anymore and it’s bugged out. Tried on mine and wife’s account. Please fix the iPhone app.

When was the last time you used Wemod Pro remote? Could you please provide the version of your WeMod app on your PC? You can locate this in the lower left part of your screen under the “Settings” section.

It seems servers in certain parts of the world (CDN I assume) are messed up. I tried to redownload the app and its going at 16bytes a second on a 1gbit connection. App won’t load as it can’t get to the web service.

Download WeMod’s offline installer from this direct link: https://api.wemod.com/client/download
Check if it successfully goes through.

I got it working thank you

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Thanks. That got to 116kb/s.

It seems the issue you were having has been resolved and the app is working again.

The app should still be able to run from cache but it can’t.

Sounds good I will close this now