Wemod app restarts during game

Whenever I’m playing a game with cheats enabled, if my internet connection cycles (from on to off, then back on again) the app refreshes and cancels the current trainer.

If my home internet restarts itself (which it does, several times a day) the wemod app refreshes when the connection is reestablished, but the trainer I was using is no longer connected to the game. I then have to manually relaunch the trainer again. I’d rather not run it solely in offline mode, since I like to chat with Discord and lookup game guides on the fly.

Is there any way to fix or stop this?

WeMod can run in offline mode after you open the application and sign in. Please refer to this link: https://support.wemod.com/article/63-how-can-i-use-wemod-offline. Keep in mind that this is only if you are solely playing offline with no internet connection. A finicky connection will cause the trainer to exit then force you to start it again since it’s trying to reestablish a connection.

If you really want a stable experience, I would find the cause of your internet instability (probably your router) and fix/replace it. Also contact your ISP and ask them if your service is being interrupted and see if they’ll offer a replacement router.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Like he said above. Your internet going off and on ( which I never heard of before ) has really nothing to do with wemod. Wemod isn’t making your internet go off n on so we cant fix something that is not broke on our end
Like he said above probably your router or even a loose connection

You can add an entry in your firewall that blocks wemod from connecting online. This way you’ll make it think it’s offline.

Disable the rule when you want it back online.

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